Premium Mediterranean Juices...

Company Presentation

Biofresh Europe is a Commercial Company handling the Retail Operations of several Branded Juice products of Biofresh SA and Biofresh affiliate companies such as Laconic Gardens. Biofresh Europe is also handling Organic Orange Juice NFC certified by DE-ӦKO-003.

These Operations involve advanced bottled retailed products using all high end containers (PET, Cartons etc) in order to bottle Premium NFC Mediterranean Juices.

Biofresh Europe retails Branded products under the register brand names or P/L for selected clients handling commercial and production operations. These operations are found on the Balkans, the Russian Federation and in short time in South Korea.

Biofresh Europe is located in Germany.

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Company mission

Market Premium Mediterranean NFC Juices such as: Orange, Orange and Banana, Orange with Blood Orange and Pink Grapefruit, Blood Orange and Pomegranate, Lemonade, Orange Strawberries and Honey. In addition with the usage of the highly advanced and skilled R&D people of our affiliate producers and bottlers can provide innovative product solutions such as Lemonade and Orangeade based on NFC juice and not on concentrates. These innovative products are already marketed with success in Greece, the Balkan, the Russian Federation and South Korea.

Market Premium Mediterranean NFC Juices also includes Organic Orange Juice NFC certified by DE-ӦKO-003.

Retail operations for P/L bottling

  • PET (1LIT, 0.5LIT)

  • Carton:

    • TetraPack

    • Combiblock

    • Elopack

Bottling operations and capabilities

  • P/L on PET and Carton TetraPack, Combiblock and Elopack, long and short life, hot filled and cold filled.